Lip Enhancement

… sexier with kissable lips …

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With permanent lip liner and lip color lips can be made fuller, smaller, even out of an uneven lip line or just enhance what you have naturally. We can create a more pleasing shape and enhance the shape of the bow. You can say goodbye to waking up to a pale face.

Most lip colors chosen are soft shades that compliment your skin tone. Remember you can always apply a lipstick color in any shade for a special look.Our permanent make up is applied under the skin, so any color you put over them will work.The added benefit is that it never fades away it’s a win win procedure. You will love to get permanent lips permanently!

Lip liner is a perfect solution for asymmetrical lips, thick or thin lips, and lips with uneven vermilion borders. It defines and corrects the unevenness, creating beautiful and more balanced lips as well as into the fine lines around the mouth. Lip color can also be added to camouflage age lines.

Woman sometimes go for a heavy, dramatic look or they may decide on a more sedate, soft lip color.It has the added benefit of preventing traditional lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin. It helps to covers scars (not freckles, though) and helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Permanent lip color restores faded lips and helps you to look your best from the moment you wake up.


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