Price List – Body Treatments

Ear Candling $39

A natural, gentle and effective method to removes wax build up and toxic residue from the ears. Relieves headaches, sinus irritation and improves hearing loss. Massaging of neck and shoulders during procedure will encourage drainage of wax and promote relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage 1⁄2 hr $50 1 hr $95

Basalt Lava Stones help increase circulation, improve muscle aches, soreness and reduce overall stress.

Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $75

A euphoric experience for both the mom to be and baby. Focusing the massage on areas affected by pregnancy will increase circulation, reduces swelling and helps to relieve back and leg cramping.

Relaxing Body Massage 1/2 hr $40 1 hr $69

Aromatic oils and regulating pressure massage is applied to release tension in the body, relax muscles, improve circulation and increase range of motion, bringing you to a profound state of mind. Aroma steam bath is highly recommended before the Massage.

Swedish Scalp Massage 1⁄2 hr $30 1 hr $55

This treatment is preformed to help relieve stress and tension in head and neck area. A great add on to any massage or facial treatment.

Registered Massage Therapist1⁄2 hr $50 1 hr $80

Extended health care insurance will be covered.